VitaZymes Liverex


Liverex supports healthy liver and kidney function. In our daily lives we are exposed to many toxins – among other things through pollution, allopathic medicine as well as additives and residues of pesticides in food. All of them help to strain the body’s detoxification organs. The herbs in Liverex can also effectively help the body regenerate unhealthy – weakened – liver tissue, whether it be caused by too many toxins, a high alcohol consumption or perhaps a previous viral infection.


Liverex contains both plant extract and material from the whole plant or the parts of it from which the extract is extracted. This ensures the full benefit of the plant – the benefits of the raw, whole plant or plant part as well as the active principle in the form of the plant extract.

VitaZymes’ herbal preparations are made using the best available raw materials and production methods.


  • healthy and well-functioning liver and kidneys – the body’s detoxifying and cleansing organs
  • regeneration of weakened / damaged liver cells
  • protects the liver from damage caused by toxins, including heavy metals
  • particularly important where the body has been exposed to a high toxin load through, for example, large medication or alcohol consumption, chemo treatment
  • a healthy bile secretion – important for good digestion
  • also useful to take before a party to prevent “hangovers”
  • detox


Pure plant-based ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Each capsule contains:

62.5 mg milkweed kernels (Silybum marianum L.)
62.5 mg milkweed extract (silymarin 80%) (Silybum marianum L.)

62.5 mg dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.)
62.5 mg dandelion extract (flavones 5%) (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.)


Two (2) to four (4) capsules contain:

125-250 mg milkweed kernels (Silybum marianum L.)
125-250 mg milkweed seed extract (silymarin 80%) (Silybum marianum L.)

125-250 mg dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.)
125-250 mg dandelion extract (flavones 5%) (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.)


The capsules are made of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

No added salt, sugar, starch or fillers in general. No added color, flavor or preservative. No lubricants have been used in connection with the enclosure (free of magnesium stearate).


Each container contains 120 capsules, which is equivalent to one month’s consumption at a daily dose of four capsules.



One (1) to two (2) capsules twice daily – best outside meals, for example 20-30 minutes before the morning and evening meal.

The dose can be increased as needed / desired to achieve a more powerful effect, just as a high body weight can indicate a higher daily dose. Where the purpose is to maintain an already good health, the dose may be reduced. See more under The Cleansing Cure in relation to dosing after the end of the cure.



To ensure freshness and potency, the capsules should be stored at room temperature (15-30 ° C) and not in a humid environment.